• F122HD15H2 Dual Process 5-Axis CNC Machining Center
  • F122HD15H2 Dual Process 5-Axis CNC Machining Center with Enclosure
  • F148C16H2 Dual Process 5-Axis CNC Machining Center
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Choose multi-head dual process technology for the most productivity a machine can offer - available on most HD or Hybrid Mil Series models.

Imagine that you could take the heaviest, fastest and highest performing machine available in the world at any price and then double its performance. What if you could get the throughput of two complete machines out of a single machine footprint? How would you like the flexibility of being able to run two completely different programs at the exact same time on only one machine? Or to run two identical parts at the same time? With the optional C.R. Onsrud Multi-Head Dual Process Technology, you can do all of this and more.

Start with any Standard C.R. Onsrud 5-Axis Extreme Duty Series or 5-Axis Hybrid Mill twin table model. Then add a second tool changer, a second main router spindle and our optional Individual Servo Control of Second Complete Spindle Slide from our list of available standard machine options. When teamed up with the dual process power and capabilities standard in our OSAI controller, you get our Multi-Head Dual Process Technology.
In fact, this option is so flexible that the two heads could even be configured entirely differently!

Standard Features

  • Available on5-Axis Extreme Duty and 5-Axis Hybrid Mill Series Machines
  • Use both heads on a fixed center distance as a twin-head machine, working on a single process (or part program).
  • Use both heads on a frequently adjusting or varying center distance working on a single process requiring different center distance.
  • Use both heads alternating or taking turns doing different operations while working on a single process that requires many short or complicated operations and/or has frequent tool changes.
  • Use either head in a single process mode and fully cover both of the twin tables with head collision avoidance built into the logic of the controller.
  • Use the first head to work on one process on the first table, while the second head works on an entirely separate and different process on the second table with built-in collision avoidance.
  • Have the heads take turns machining the same process in either single or alternating table mode.

  • Model Number F98HD F122HD F148HD F194HD
    Number of Axes 5 standard (additional available)
    Table Size* 61in x 98in* 61in x 122in* 61in x 146in* 61in x 194in*
    Approx. Machine Footprint* 10ft x 15ft* 10ft x 17ft* 10ft x 19ft* 10ft x 20ft*
    Z Clearance 29in, 41in, 53in, or 65in
    X- Axis Travel 61in
    Y-Axis Travel* 98in* 122in* 146in* 194in*
    Z-Axis Travel 24in, 36in, 48in, or 60in
    Machining Speed 3600ipm
    X&Y Rapid Traverse 4800ipm
    Number of Spindles 2 Independently Controlled
    Standard Spindle 15HP; 4-Pole; 24,000rpm
    Tool Shank HSK 63F
    Standard Tool Capacity 24
    Vacuum Zones 2 standard (1 per table) 3 (or 2) 4
    *All models available in Wide models with 73in wide tables instead of 61in wide (which increases footprint by 2ft)

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