You need 5 axis machining capabilities, and the C.R. Onsrud Extreme Series offers you a super fast - "No Compromises" platform for your cutting applications. We've designed these highly capable machines to take your business to the next production level. Based on a  twin table, fixed bridge design, you won't find a faster, higher performing machine in this class - anywhere. The fixed bridge E-Series machine starts with an extremely rigid, welded steel frame and we customize the features to your specific manufacturing needs and goals. Coupled with a powerful 15HP high-speed spindle, the chips will fly with this precision beast.


Do you need automation for material loading and handling? We can integrate that into your process with the E-Series platform. Does your application require a fully enclosed cutting environment? We offer that as well to keep your facility safe and clean from the heavy build-up of spoil material. Maybe you need the power of dual processing in one machine? Yep, the E-Series can do that, too! Affording your operation the power of a high-speed spindle, coupled with twin moving tables, this machine is engineered for continuous operation if you need that capability, too. The E-Series offers you a platform with enormous capability and function in any environment. Wood, plastics, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals are all easily within the scope of our E-Series, and the 5 axis machining capability expands your horizon with seemingly endless possibilities.

This large F244E is a customized machine.  We incorporated dual processing, over-sized tables, specialized fixturing, and several other features which make this one of the most unique, capable, and accurate CNC machines ever built.


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