C.R. Onsrud offers a CNC machine which combines the best qualities of a CNC Router and a CNC Machining Mill – and it's a workhorse which deserves it's own unique classification.  So, what do we call this group of machines?  Since they are more than a mill, and certainly not just a router  – the 5 axis Hybrid Mill creates a class all it's own.     Our Hybrid Mill boasts a much larger frame than a traditional CNC router, offering wider bearing spacing, heavier components, and tighter tolerances than are found on even the most "elite" routers on the market.  The Hybrid Mill also comes fully enclosed, and ready for wet, dry, mist, or MQL machining with options for flood coolant – either around the tool, or through the tool.


Routers boast flexible and innovative universal vacuum part holding methods, quick set-ups & tear-downs, coupled with very attractive pricing – characteristics we've carried into our Hybrid Mill line.  We've also included options for t-slot tables, custom bolt patterns, or steel tables if you need to go that route. But calling this machine a mill doesn't give you an accurate expectation of its flexibility & capabilities, either, since mills have many limitations the Hybrid Mill doesn't.  Hybrid Mills aren't limited by small table sizes & restricted work envelopes. The smallest table sizes offered on a Hybrid Mill are over 5 feet by 8 feet, with over 3 feet of Z clearance, providing a standard work envelope that's far larger than what would be optional on all but the most expensive of high end milling machines. Thus, the innovative Hybrid Mill delivers the part holding flexibility of a router, with the increased table load-bearing capability required for larger and heavier work applications.


Now add in the option to build your Hybrid Mill with either twin 25 or 33HP spindles – twin 24 position HSK-63A dual arm rapid changers – and an engineered  frame built to be large enough & rigid enough to handle large part machining. The Hybrid Mill delivers  pendulum processing, for 100% spindle utilization as a standard feature. Unlike a standard machining mill (which is typically characterized by high torque, low RPM spindles delivering accurate cutting, but slow feed rates) – Hybrid Mills provide the high torque necessary for machining all non-ferrous materials, advanced composites, & many ferrous metals – without sacrificing the high RPM that are often necessary for High Speed machining of aluminums, fiber reinforced plastics, PVC, carbon fiber, graphite, a-cell, phenolic, and many more materials.  Wet or dry machining of composites, ferrous, and non-ferrous materials has never been easier, faster, or more cost effective.

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