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Onsrud engineers many of our frame components to be used cross-platform in our 3, 4, or 5-Axis Models. By utilizing standard frames, parts and electronics, Onsrud was able to leverage the economies of scale present in our 3 and 4-Axis machine sales, and dramatically lower the overall price point of our 5-Axis models, without compromising performance or value. For example, almost all of the parts on a 5-Axis Extreme Series are also used on the 3 or 4-Axis Extreme Series; and, many of the parts on the 5-Axis Pro Series are also used on the 3 or 4-Axis Pro Series. Of course the heads are different and the frames are taller and wider on the 5-Axis machines, but the machine uses many of the same standard components, with the same off the shelf, readily available, non-proprietary, and proven parts.

The one-piece thick-wall engineered steel base of the 5-Axis Wide Pro Series was specially engineered with internal steel reinforcements. It is designed to handle the extreme weights of large blocks of non-ferrous metal, large tooling or fixtures for composites and sheet metal parts. You will be able to stack cut aluminum skins, or even the large and thick assemblies we tackle in the RV, marine, and aircraft industries. After being welded into a single structure, the machine base is heat treated and slowly cooled to create a stress free, normalized and lasting machining platform. Then the precision machining for all of the critical components is accomplished in one set- up, with all of the operations performed on the same face, to guarantee machined-in accuracy and stability. This base also incorporates the top-rail design of the Pro Series which allows for shorter and stubbier one- piece steel vertical columns, which are more rigid and have more leverage over the bridge than other side rail designs. Lastly we use large vertical Z-Axis rams with large bearing spacing for increased rigidity, fast positioning, and smooth accurate cutting. The result is a high precision machine that handles the largest workpieces, and the heaviest materials and tooling, offers unique automation and material handling options, and provides the best possible cost per table size relationship available.

If you do not have unlimited time to wait for your machine to finish, and are picky about your part’s fit, and finish then do not just buy the cheapest 5-Axis Machine you can find. Be more demanding, and expect the highest possible accuracies, at the fastest feed rates that the tooling can sustain, without chatter, or melt back all over a part. With a little research, you will find that Onsrud offers an incredible 5-Axis value for the performance and capability the machine delivers. Investigate for yourself how our philosophy of standardization allows Onsrud to offer custom-sized large-format moving gantry 3, 4, and 5-Axis CNC Routers at standard machine prices, with the reliability and parts availability of standard machines.



Standard Features

  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Factory Provided 24/7/365 After Hours Emergency Tech Support
  • Factory Provided Onsite Machine Installation and Training
  • Factory Provided Advanced Technical & Applications Support
  • Factory Provided In Depth Remote Online Diagnostics
  • 4-Pole, Double Arbor Support, reversible, 22,000 RPM High Torque Spindle
  • HSK-63F Spindle Taper and Tool Holders, with 1 inch (25mm) collet capacity
  • Standard with Over 24" of Z-Axis Clearance & 29" of Z-Axis Stroke (Up to 41" available)
  • Finite Element Analysis used in Engineering entire frame
  • FEA Engineered, Heavy-wall, All-Steel Bridge, Vertical Columns, & Table Support Base
  • Std. 12 Position, Aggregate Ready, Dynamic Automatic Rotary Tool Changer
  • Dual Support, Direct Drive, Independent Channel, Design Enhances Accuracy & Rigidity
  • Compact Design Saves Valuable Shop Floor Space
  • Intelligent Design Allows for Easy and Unrestricted Access to All Sides of the Machine
  • C.R. Onsrud High-Flow Universal Vacuum Table System with Low Vacuum Sensing
  • 3 Independently Controlled Vacuum Zones
  • Comes Equiped with Choice of Flow Through or Dedicated Spoil Board
  • OSAI 10/510 CNC Controller with Integrated Touch Screen PC (Fanuc option available)
  • 4-Port Ethernet Connection, USB, and Serial Connectivity, for Easy Network Integration
  • Full 3D capability, Helical Interpolation, and Simultanious 5-Axis Motion Standard
  • Tables Sizes in Excess of 60 feet long and up to 12 feet wide available on Wide Pro
  • And many more options or accessories available!

  • Model Number F121G F168G F216G F300G F480G
    Number of Axes 5 standard (additional available)
    Table Size** 121in x 61in 168in x 61in 216in x 61in 300in x 61in 480in x 61in
    Approx. Machine Footprint 16ft x 10ft 20ft x 10ft 24ft x 10ft 32ft x 10ft 46ft x 10ft
    Z Clearance* 24in or 36in
    X- Axis Travel** 121in 168in 216in 300in 480in
    Y-Axis Travel 61in
    Z-Axis Travel* 29in or 41in
    Machining Speed 2000ipm
    X&Y Rapid Traverse 2800ipm
    Number of Spindles 1 standard
    Standard Spindle 15HP; 4-Pole; 24,000rpm
    Tool Shank HSK 63F
    Standard Tool Capacity 12
    Standard Vacuum Zones 3 4 5 6 8
    *Clearance Measured starting at bottom face of HSK63F; Changes in Z height may cause changes in table size
    **Machines also available in excess of 60ft long

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    Made in the US Proudly Made in the USA
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