C.R. Onsrud History

RudyIn 1915 Oscar Onsrud and his son Rudy took woodworking to a new level when they built the world's first "Jet Motor" (air turbine) hand router. Since that day, the Onsrud family has become synonymous with routing. Virtually every aircraft built for the U.S. war effort in WWII had parts made on Onsrud routers. Most of those machines are still in use today! Almost every M-1 rifle stock built in the Springfield Armory was made on an Onsrud machine. It is difficult to walk through any major furniture plant worldwide without finding an Onsrud machine in service. In 1976 we raised the standard again when Charles Onsrud patented the "Inverted Router™", an idea and a machine that revolutionized the woodworking industry, increasing safety and usability. Today our CNC routers are quietly revolutionizing the concept of value by giving you the best-performing machines in the industry at a cost that our competitors say is not possible. OnsrudMachineWorksHow do we do that? Through mass production and standardization, through modular construction and efficient design, we can supply 4000 inch per minute (ipm) speed, the rigidity of cast iron construction, "multi-drill" units, aggregates, saws, C-axis and 5-axis capability with multiple spindles on any of the many frame designs we offer. For the 4th year in a row C.R. Onsrud, Inc. has won the "Wood Digest Brand Preference" study!

When the Wood Working Machinery Distributors Association decided to honor the machinery manufacturer that most exemplified the type of company they wanted to represent, through quality and innovation, parts availability, overall value, and customer and distributor support, they created "The Partner of the Year Award" in 1994. Who won that very first Partner of the Year Award? C. R. Onsrud, Inc.! Yes! We have always done things differently and we're proud of it! That's what American leadership is all about!

As always, our competitors will someday offer the innovations we have already introduced, but you can have them today from C.R. Onsrud, Inc.

Whatever Your Requirements, Onsrud Has a Solution!

Whatever your requirements, there's an Onsrud router designed to meet them. Machine travels range from 72" x 61" x 11" (xyz) for the small footprint 72C12, up to 720" x 180" for the massive 720G20. And work piece capacities run the gamut, with our medium and large-frame machines boasting table weight capacities up to 1 ton. The range of capabilities for Onsrud Routers is as varied as the machine capacities. Features include high-performance spindles with standard speeds of 1,000-24,000 rpm, optional 25,000 and even 30,000 rpm; and high-torque spindles up to 40 HP!

The legendary Onsrud control makes every one of our routers easy to operate. It's a control that's built with the operator and programmer in mind, and is packed with intuitive features you won't find on any other CNC

machining center. Onsrud machines include standard features and capabilities usually found only on machines costing thousands of dollars more. In fact, some aren't available anywhere else. There is also an abundant menu of options, accessories and products that allows you to fully tailor your new machine to meet your specific needs. Every Onsrud router is designed to provide the features and performance that will make it the best investment you've ever made!

At C. R. Onsrud, we build standard machines with standard options and standardized components. However, our standard lineup includes so many machines, with so many options and components to choose from, we're able to provide you with a customized solution without having to engineer and build a totally tailor-made machine. After choosing a series and model, you can then personalize it with the options and table size to make it the exact solution you need for your application. Our list of vacuum choices ranges from the standard C.R. Onsrud High-Flow Universal Vacuum Table System, to the NEMI convertible grid table system, Schmalz Innospan, dedicated spoil boards or fixtures, flow-through spoil boards, or even a full Schmalz Movable Rail and Pod System. You can utilize almost any vacuum hold down system available on the market today, and pair that system with any of our standard vacuum pump options, or almost any other vacuum pump you prefer.

As for controllers, your machine can be equipped with a very simple and easy to use model like our B&R. Or you may instead opt for the more powerful OSAI or Fanuc controller. You can even choose to have a PC on the floor, no PC, or a PC front-end controller. And it doesn't stop there! You can choose from a complete list of Benz or Techniks aggregates available direct from Onsrud, or even some other brand you may prefer. You can utilize your existing software, some other CAD/CAM package, or almost any design software available on the market today. You can add perimeter pop-up positioning pins to most models. You can also choose from a variety of multi-drill heads, C-axis capability and so much more. With our revolutionary optional Factory Pre-Retrofit Kit Option, you can even have many of our standard options added in the field later.

Proudly Made in the USA