CNC technology is found across a variety of industries: wood, metal, composites, plastics and more. The uses a high-performance C.R. Onsrud CNC machine offer your production line are limited only by the imagination you use them to create. The speed, efficiency, accuracy, and precision gained from automated manufacturing is unmatched. There are differences in quality and workmanship, and we want to show you ours. You need to take a serious look at C.R. Onsrud - a CNC which offers you the chance to grow your business to new heights.

C.R. Onsrud, Inc. specializes in high quality CNC machinery designed for the aerospace, woodworking, plastics, and composites industries. We offer a comprehensive line of high-precision machining products including almost 50 standard models of 3-Axis, 4-Axis, and 5-Axis CNC Routers, CNC Mills, and CNC Machining Centers, four models of Inverted Pin Routers, as well as a complete line of tooling and accessories. Our CNC machines are offered in Cast-Iron Fixed Bridge, Twin Table, Single Table, and Steel Frame Moving Gantry designs. Most C.R. Onsrud CNC Routers include 12-position tool changers, high grade "off-the-shelf" standard components, 24/7 tech-support, and all can be customized via a full menu of standard options including: multi-spindle drills, aggregate ability, rotational C-Axis, 5-Axis, multi-spindle, and dual process configurations. C.R. Onsrud is well known for superior service capabilities, high-tech training facilities, and an extensive Applications Engineering department to further reinforce our pledge to provide the industry with the best products, service, and customer support!


C.R. Onsrud, Inc. is located in Troutman, NC and specializes in 3-Axis and 5-Axis CNC Machining Centers, CNC Routers, CNC Mills, and Inverted Routers, primarily for the Plastics Routing, Hard Wood Routing, Panel Processing, Solidwood Routing, Aluminum Milling, Steel Milling, Composite Machining, FRP machining, Composite Mold Making, Alloy Milling, Superalloy Maching, Cabon Fiber Machining, Carbon Graphite Machining, Door, Stair, Window, Custom Millwork and Aerospace Industries.

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At C.R. Onsrud, we believe in manufacturing. Our mission, is to make your manufacturing applications and processes the most efficient possible by building CNC machines tailor-made to those needs. Which is why you'll find our products right at home working for some of the biggest brands in the world. And we have a CNC machine to build especially for you. Take a look at some of our models, and contact us today to start moving your business into the future.

We want to build you a machine engineered specifically for your needs.

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