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Designed and built to be the heaviest, fastest, and highest performing machines available in the world at any price, the Onsrud Extreme Duty Series CNC Router is truly our "No-Compromises" model. We start with the largest standard cast iron frame offered anywhere in our marketplace today. The massive cast iron bridge on the HD Series has over double the cast iron of even our legendary C Series models. The cast iron frame is then mated to our one-piece, self-supportive, heat-treated, stress-relieved and normalized, internally-reinforced, thick-walled, steel base for unrivaled weight, mass, rigidity, durability, feeds and speeds. We then use only the highest-end, top-shelf, non-proprietary and readily available components in the world today to offer you the most technologically advanced Onsrud ever. Many of the standard features on the Extreme Duty may be options and/or upgrades on our other C.R. Onsrud models, but they are not even offered by the competition.

When you require unrivaled feed rates, machining speeds and rapid traverse rates, when your jobs demand the ability to run the largest diameter tool and take the deepest, heaviest cuts in the most dense and unforgiving materials, when you insist on the highest possible accuracy and repeatability, when you want the best possible machined finish that tooling can provide... if you want the lowest operating maintenance cost, the lowest number of occurrences and the shortest duration of downtime... when you want to have the assurance and satisfaction of knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have purchased the biggest, heaviest, best built, fastest, most powerful, most durable and most productive machine available on the market today, then the C.R. Onsrud Extreme Duty Series is for you!

Standard Features

  • Full 2 Year Warranty
  • Factory Provided 24/7/365 After Hours Emergency Tech Support
  • Factory Provided Onsite Machine Installation and Training
  • Factory Provided Advanced Technical & Applications Support
  • Factory Provided In Depth Remote Online Diagnostics
  • 4-Pole, reversible, 24,000 RPM High Torque Spindle
  • HSK-63F Spindle Taper and Tool Holders, with 1 inch (25mm) collet capacity
  • Over 14 Inches of Z-Axis Clearance & 11 inches of Z-Axis stroke
  • Finite Element Analysis used Extensively in the Engineering Process
  • Thermal Heat Treated, Stress Relieved, & Normalized One-Piece Steel Machine Base
  • Cast-Iron Fixed Bridge & Cast-Iron Columns, Increase Weight, Mass & Rigidity
  • Std. 12 Position, Aggregate Ready, Dynamic Automatic Rotary Tool Changer
  • Twin Tables Can Operate Locked Together or Independently for Pendulum Processing
  • Compact Design Saves Valuable Shop Floor Space
  • Intelligent Design Allows for Easy and Loading and Unloading
  • Efficient and Effective Integrated Dust Tranistion that Only Requires a 8 inch Dust Hose
  • C.R. Onsrud High-Flow Universal Vacuum Table System with Low Vacuum Sensing
  • Independently Controlled Vacuum Zones for Each Table
  • Comes Equiped with Choice of Flow Through or Dedicated Spoil Board
  • OSAI 10/510 CNC Controller with Integrated Touch Screen PC (Other Controls Available)
  • 4-Port Ethernet Connection, USB, and Serial Connectivity, for Easy Network Integration
  • Full 3D capability with Helical Interpolation
  • Larger Available Table Sizes up to Twin 12 ft X 10 ft Table (Over 12 ft X 20 ft Overall)
  • And many more options or accessories available!

  • Model Number 98HD 122HD 148HD 194HD 244HD
    Number of Axes 3 or 4
    Table Size* 61in x 98in* 61in x 122in* 61in x 146in* 61in x 194in* 61in x 244in*
    Approx. Machine Footprint* 10ft x 15ft* 10ft x 17ft* 10ft x 19ft* 10ft x 20ft* 10ft x 25ft*
    Z Clearance** 14in Standard**
    X- Axis Travel 61in
    Y-Axis Travel* 98in* 122in* 146in* 194in* 244in*
    Z-Axis Travel** 11in Standard*
    Machining Speed 4000ipm
    X&Y Rapid Traverse 5600ipm
    Number of Spindles 1 standard (additional may be added)
    Standard Spindle 18HP; 4-Pole; 24,000rpm
    Tool Shank HSK 63F
    Standard Tool Capacity 12
    Vacuum Zones 2 standard (1 per table)
    *All models available in Wide models with 73in wide tables instead of 61in wide (which increases footprint by 2ft)
    **Machines also available with 24in Z Stroke

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    Made in the US Proudly Made in the USA
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