Inverted Pin Routers

Inverted Pin Router

The Onsrud Inverted Router™ has become the standard replacement for the conventional overhead router. An Inverted Router™ is simply more versatile, more accurate, safer and easier to operate. The added flexibility and improved performance alone make the Inverted Router™ the obvious choice for anyone who has ever used one.

Simplicity of set-up and operation reduces the amount of skill and training required of new operators and pattern makers. More efficient dust collection, quietness and ease of operation make work much less tiring when compared with overhead routers. Samples or low volume items can be done more easily and economically. Templates are made right on the machine.

Whether you intend to use your Onsrud Inverted Router™ for all of your routing, or only for secondary operations after processing on one of our Heavy Duty CNC Routers, the Onsrud Inverted Router™ is simply an indispensable tool.

Manufactures in USA Proudly Made in the USA