C.R. Onsrud High Productivity Options include:

24,000 or 30,000 rpm Spindles

Extra Rapid Traverse -
3600 ipm Rapids

4th and 5th Axis Options

30-Tool Option

Programmable Coolant
or Air Blast Nozzle

Hsk Tool Holders

12 position Automatic Tool Changers & Aggregate Heads

Tool Probe

The Best Control
in the Industry

A Few of the
Reasons Why

Dedicated Closed-Loop System

Mobile Keypad Control

One-Button Features

24,000 or 30,000 rpm Spindles
Maintaining the proper chip load during high-speed machining is crucial. The latest spindles from Onsrud cut at speeds up to 30,000 rpm to take full advantage of the time savings and increased accuracy possible with today’s fastest machines.

Extra Rapid Traverse - 3600 ipm Rapids
High-pitch ballscrews combined with powerful brushless servomotors provide rapids and cutting feed rates up to 4,750 ipm. This reduces the amount of non-cutting time during machining – especially on repetitive parts and multiple fixtures – resulting in faster cycle times and reduced cost-per-part. Available on "Extreme Duty Series" twin table models, "Super Duty" rapids are 4,000 ipm and "Panel Pro" rapids are 2,000 ipm.

4th and 5th Axis Options
A fully integrated 4th or 5th axis Onsrud ‘C’-Axis or rotary table creates a supercharged machining center package that boosts your productivity. Onsrud offers fully synchronized 4th and 5th axis configurations.

24-Tool Option
With this expanded tool option, complicated parts and operations like in-process inspection and lights-out manufacturing are much easier to program.

Programmable Coolant or Air Blast Nozzle
Programmable Coolant or Air Blast Nozzle provides a coolant or air blast to the cutting tool to clear chips and/or cool the cutting tool. Activated by M code, the air blast can be programmed to turn on while the spindle is turning, or at the end of a cycle.

HSK Tool Holders
Standard on all Onsrud CNC Routers, HSK-63F Tool Holders have 5 times the holding power of the ISO-30 style. This means less vibration, greater precision and longer life.

12 Position Automatic Tool Changers & Aggregate Heads
More tools, more workspace and faster tool changes: We’ve put these advantages together to increase your productivity and reduce setup times.

Locating the tool changer outside of the work envelope is a sure way to free additional space while adding greater flexibility.
Combine this with the added bonus of greater tool capacity in a flexible, high-productivity machining center like an Onsrud, and you’re ready to tackle the toughest of machining jobs, with larger diameter tools.

Onsrud-built side-mount tool changers feature rapid tool changes and when used in conjunction with macros, tool life management and tool load monitoring, extra pockets can be dedicated to back-up tooling for unattended operation.

Tool Probe
The Onsrud tool probe option incorporates our easy-to-use tool probe with macros. This optional package enables all Onsrud routers to automatically define tool length offsets; and when combined with macro programming, it allows operators to automatically update tool offsets (length and diameter) and check for broken tools while in-process.

The Best Control in the Industry
It’s something that Onsrud owners and operators have known for years, but has been kept a closely guarded secret. Now the word’s out. Industry professionals just like you are rating the Onsrud control as the most user-friendly control they’ve worked with.

A Few of the Reasons Why
The Onsrud CNC system has been specifically manufactured and tailored for Onsrud machine tools. We use high performance 32 bit RISC processors running extraordinarily high-performance firmware. Calculation look ahead is based on time rather than the number of blocks. Most controllers look 10 or perhaps 20 program lines ahead. If the movement in each of the program lines is long, the programmed speed can be achieved. However, if each movement is short, and this is typically the case on complex CAD produced parts, routing speed is severely limited. The processor in the Onsrud controller looks a sufficient number of program lines ahead to achieve the programmed routing speed. For long movements the look ahead is only a small number of program lines, for short movements the look ahead can be hundreds of program lines.

Dedicated Closed-Loop System
Our focus is to provide Onsrud users with a robust, dependable control that is seamlessly integrated with the machine. Our standard AMC control is a closed-loop system which is not reliant on PC-based controls or third-party NC suppliers. Our optional PC front is only an interface. A dedicated PLC controls the machine. When you call Onsrud, you get a company that takes full responsibility for the entire machine.

Mobile Keypad Control
The Onsrud STANDARD mobile keypad controls all functions of the machine instead of only a few like our competitors’ optional pendants. All keys are clearly labeled for operator convenience and ease of use. If you have ever fumbled with “hot keys” or cryptic codes, you will appreciate the simplicity of the Onsrud control. There are no encrypted codes to memorize, and many functions can be performed simply with the push of a single button.

One-Button Features
Common multi-step functions, such as powering up in the morning or setting tool offsets, have been reduced to the push of a single button. Push the “TOOL SETTING” button and it asks you in plain English which tool you want. Then, the “DIGITIZE” button causes the control to automatically record the Z-offset amount and/or change to the next tool, all the while leaving you in the JOG mode. Other functions, such as setting part zeros or resetting the tool changer, are all one-button commands.

The machine controllers we use are the fastest and
most user friendly in the industry.

Our standard AMC control has the ability to remember where in the job you pressed feed hold. Even if you jog the machine or park the tool back in the tool changer, it has the “artificial intelligence” to pick the tool back up, turn the spindle back on, rapid back to where you left off, and resume the job! Try that with a traditional “industry standard machine control.”

We have always offered automatic ACC/DEC control to give you the fastest possible feed rates for a machine to go around a corner or make a straight-line move. We have always had “cutter comp” (diameter and length) infinitely adjustable RPM and feed, MDI and offsets at the operator’s finger tips. Full control on the remote pendant!

Multi-Function Jog Handle
Most machines use the jog handle to move the axes around. On Onsrud machines, the jog handle can also be used to control spindle speeds and feeds. Speeds and feeds can be varied in 1% increments from 0 to 999% for the utmost in control.

Word Processor Editing
Another feature of the Onsrud control with the optional “PC front end” is a “Word Processor/Style Editor” that allows the operator to edit programs in a “Windows” format. Operations such as global searches, find-and-replace, reversing sign, renumbering programs, copying between programs – and many more are possible. Pull-down menus allow easy editing without having to refer to manuals.

Remote Jog Handle
Remote Jog Handle can be used to move all axes, as well as override spindle speeds and feed rates

Work Offsets
Simplifies workpiece setup.

Simultaneous 6 Axis Control
High Speed Risc processors allow the highest processing and furthest look ahead speeds in the industry.

Second Home Position
Allows the operator to quickly send the axes to a second, user-defined HOME position in addition to the machine’s HOME position.

Tool Offset Probing Option
Automatically defines tool length offsets and allows in-process tool length updates or to check for wear and broken tools.

Coordinates Rotation/Scaling Option
Use rotation in conjunction with work offset probing to speed workpiece setup; or use it to rotate a pattern to another location or around a circumference, etc. Use scaling to reduce or enlarge a tool path or pattern.

Ethernet Interface (standard with PC front end)
Store and transfer data between your Onsrud and a network. Program files are easily transferred to and from memory, and files can be accessed by multiple machines. High-speed data transfers allow DNC of large files at up to 115,000 baud.

High-Speed Machining
The High-Speed Machining feature of Onsrud vertical/horizontal machining centers provides a powerful tool to reduce cycle times and improve accuracy. Testing on complex three-to-five-axis applications has shown drastic reductions in cycle times while providing improved accuracy, smoother motion and the best machined part surface.
Using special motion algorithm combined with a “distance based look-ahead” and “independent axis intersect speed optimization,” Onsrud machines achieve unmatched productivity. Our high-speed machining option provides cutting feeds up to 3600 inches-per-minute without risk of distortion to the programmed path. The motion algorithm determines the fastest feed rate at which each stroke or vector can be blended into the next on all moving axes simultaneously, without unnecessary stopping, and precisely controls the speed between vectors. The result is higher accuracy, smoother motion and higher actual feed rates, especially with complex part geometry. This means greater machine productivity for you.

Many of today’s “high-speed” controls are either very expensive or require a pre-processing mode or special post, which is time consuming and alters the G-code program. The Onsrud High-Speed Machining option accepts ISO standard G-code from all major CAM systems.

HSM Benefits
> Greatly reduces cycle times
> Full time based look-ahead
> 3600-ipm cutting feeds
> Acceleration before interpolation
> ISO standard G-code programming
> Higher accuracy
> Smoother motion
> Better part quality


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