Pro SeriesA “Moving Gantry” CNC router, when made correctly, is particularly well suited for panel and sheet processing applications. Here, the table stays fixed, while the bridge moves over its surface. This design saves valuable floor space, keeps the price down, allows for useful options (such as tool changers and multi- spindle drilling heads) and offers incredible throughput and productivity. This design is not normally as well suited to the heaviest cutting and highest material removal rates because moving steel frames, on any CNC router design, have a difficult time absorbing many of the additional cutting vibrations created by the heavier applications. However, if it is built and designed correctly, like our Pro series, it can easily break down full sheets of 1-1/2" thick plywood, laminates, veneers, or 1/4" thick aluminum jig plate, at super fast feed rates, under continuous duty conditions and handle heavier applications on a limited or multi-pass basis. Panel processors and cabinetmakers love the flexibility and production capabilities that the Pro Series design offers. Sign makers and plastics fabricators typically like moving gantry machines because of the lower initial purchase price, while solid surface and aluminum sheet fabricators like the large table-size-to-cost ratio.

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