C.R. Onsrud Roller Hold Down routers provide the ulimate flexibility in routing single sheet, stacked sheet, small part, large part, rollers engaged or disengaged, giving you the capability of multiple CNC machines for the cost and footprint of one. These machines feature 2 rollers on each side of the cutting spindle(s), automatically extending & retracting rollers as they roll off the cutting table, for holding down warped sheet stock or stacked sheet routing. Each roller's pressure can be regulated to prevent premature wear due to slamming rollers into the table & material. Additionally, the roller hold down design assists in the ability to machine narrow, low surface area, parts.


The 98RH (shown above) is an established CNC workhorse, but we continue to work on options and improvements to keep this machine at the top of the class! In the world of CNC, this machine is one to be reckoned with, for its extremely powerful multi-sheet, nested-base capabilities. In addition to the superior cutting speed, and accuracy, this rigid fixed bridge CNC machine can become the backbone of a totally automated production line, offering many optional features for just that purpose. Material handling and loading is a real time saver with the pusher sweeper, automated infeed/outfeed tables, robotic arm loading and more.


Roller Hold Down is available in either our cast-iron fixed bridge moving table design (similar to our S-Series) with efficient material handling, our even more efficient twin table moving gantry design (similar to our Pro Series), or our most efficient continuous triple table moving gantry design. If you need the capability of running multiple stacked sheets of material for your production line, a roller hold-down machine is what you are looking for – and C.R. Onsrud has the machine engineered to maximize your output.

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