S Series The S-Series CNC machines are engineered and built for production applications requiring the fixed bridge performance of our popular Super Duty Series, but are better served by the table(s) moving long-ways under the bridge.  This makes our S-Series the alternative configuration of our Super Duty Series.  These two series of machines share almost all of their major components: from the control, to the spindle, the electronics, the mechanical linear motion systems, the bridge, the tool changer, and even many of the available options.  Thus, they are both very comparably priced, and offer very similar performance and value.

What differentiates the S-Series from it's Super Duty Series sibling is not in it's parts or components, but in it's table layout.  The S-Series design moves a single table in the longer direction, so its bridge need only span the shorter dimension across the width of the table.  The shorter bridge offers more rigidity by spanning the shorter distance, however, the floor space required is greater in order to facilitate materials handling. The main advantage of the S-Series design is increased access to the table for the operator, which is where a material handling advantage for some applications and products is realized.  Unobstructed table access makes loading and unloading of large work–pieces or tooling more convenient, thus allowing for the easy integration of material handling systems, transfer tables, and other automation alternatives.

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