Smiley face The one-piece, thick-wall steel base of the Wide Pro Series was specially engineered with internal steel reinforcements. It is designed to handle the extreme weight of large blocks of non-ferrous metal, oversized tooling or fixtures for composites, and sheet metal parts. You will be able to stack cut aluminum skins, or even the large and thick assemblies we tackle in the RV, marine, and aircraft industries. After being welded into a single structure, the machine base is heat treated and controlled cooled to create a stress free, normalized, and lasting machining platform. Then the precision machining for all of the critical components is accomplished in one set-up, with all of the operations performed on the same face, to guarantee machined-in accuracy and stability. This base also incorporates the top-rail design of the Pro Series which allows for shorter and stubbier one-piece steel vertical columns, which are more rigid and have more leverage over the bridge than other side rail designs. The result is a high precision machine that handles the largest workpieces, deals with the heaviest materials and tooling, offers unique automation and material handling options, and provides the best possible cost per table size relationship available.

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