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Do the parts your facility produces occasionally require having a CNC with a very large, working table capacity? Have you been thinking about getting two machines to handle the workload and run continuously, but don’t have adequate floor space? Maybe you simply need the flexibility to machine the occasional large part to help grow your business to the next level? Perhaps you're simply looking to machine one large piece of material, but you also desire the flexibility to produce nested or similar parts in tandem? With an Onsrud Dual Gantry CNC machine, you'll have the capability to work with large-scale materials and/or perform two tasks at once (like having two machines). Alternatively, you’ll have the adaptability to park gantry at one end, and allow a lone gantry head machine those really big, continuous parts end-to-end. If you think big, we can help you think bigger. Ask your C.R. Onsrud Sales Representative to provide you with additional information, and help you discover which dual gantry machine is right for your manufacturing operation.

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