Osync Machine Analytics® combines a powerful data engine and a robust user-interface, to provide real-time machine performance data to the enduser (CNC operator, production manager, etc.). This powerful software helps facilities operate all compatible machinery at optimal levels, and provides valuable monitoring feedback, comparison data and reporting. Osync® issues maintenance and service alerts to keep your fleet of CNC machinery in top operating order. Customizable alerts can be delivered to a number of media devices – for instance a PC in the manager’s office (away from the floor) or to a smart-phone when you’re out of the facility entirely. Osync® doesn’t stop at monitoring or reporting, though. The end-goal for a facility trying to achieve Industry 4.0 best-practices is to maximize the performance over the life of the machine. Predictive Analytics allows the user to plan and schedule machinery utilization and eliminate unforeseen downtime to maximize throughput and prevent catastrophic delays in production.

• Osync Machine Analytics® is a comprehensive tool for monitoring machinery performance and efficiency at all times – from anywhere in the world.
• Osync doesn’t stop at monitoring, but logs performance over the life of the machine.
• A proprietary set of algorithms allows your machine to learn and deliver on-demand predictive analytics.
• Osync Machine Analytics® will become an indispensable tool for maximizing the throughput of your C.R. Onsrud CNC machinery investment.
• Osync Machine Analytics® reduces machinery down-time.
• Osync surfaces data to help formulate future business decisions based on true operational costs.
• Osync displays key performance data indices to increase productivity.
• Osync’s open architecture provides the platform to monitor compatible 3rd-party machines and accessories.
• Osync is the hardest working, most advanced big data collector in the industry - and you can have it working for you!

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