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Would you like to own one of the most reliable CNC machines on the planet, but don't have a large budget to work with? C.R. Onsrud may have the answer. We have a limited number of older models (trade-ins) we put through our RetroFit Program. We give each of these platforms a thorough inspection and cleaning, then retrofit the electronics, controls, cooling systems and more to make them serviceable for many, many more years. We build our CNC machines to last, so even though technology may change, our strutural components are second to none. A retrofit C.R. Onsrud offers you the latest in CNC control technology at a reduced price of new.  Call and speak with one of our knowledgeable sales representatives today at 704.508.7000

Retrofit 96C12 with new electronics/drives, cooling system, Auto-Tool Changer, Under-bridge Work Lights, Tool Touch-off and more. Now ready for delivery to a new customer - and ready for many more years of manufacturing life. Built Tough. Built to Last.

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