We have been using our Onsrud Inverted Routers to cut out our oak & maple van conversion parts since 1984.

About 4 years ago we bought two C.N.C. routers which we felt would probably replace our need for the Onsruds.

Our C.N.C.'s are now running two shifts per day, and do a great job on precision dados, large parts, extremely complex, and multiple layer parts.

But we still run our three C.R. Onsrud Inverted Routers two shifts per day every day!

The "Onsruds" actually out-perform the C.N.C.s, in operations such as simple cut-out work.
And change-over time is significantly faster on the Inverted Routers, since there are no "programs" or large "holding fixtures" to change.

ALL of our new designs are made, modified, and approved first on the Inverted Routers before going to programming and fabrication of holding fixtures.

Sure, C.N.C. is great, but not for EVERYTHING.

I don't think our shop will ever eliminate the need for Inverted Routers, they are just too versatile, and they produce simple parts FASTER than the C.N.C. machines.

David Magee
Mark III Industries



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