We purchased our four head C.N.C. Router last year to help in the manufacture of our wood dashboard overlays. It does a great job, but with over 700 designs we could not possibly program and fixture all of them for our C.N.C. Our higher volume parts, the ones that we get frequent repeat orders for, are run four at a time with our four spindle C.N.C. Router.

However, 60% of our parts are still run on our C.R. Onsrud Inverted Routers.

All of our prototype parts are made first on Onsrud Inverted Routers because they are so much faster to set up and the templates are so easy. After samples are approved and a few production runs have been made we will consider programming the part for C.N.C., if the volume looks like it will justify it.

Also, all of our thicker dash overlays are run on the Inverted Routers. The efficient dust collection and rigidity make quick work of our heavier cuts.

Sure, we would like to get to the point where 70% of our work is done on the C.N.C., but we will always have a large continuing need for our Inverted Routers!

As a matter of fact, we just bought our fifth Onsrud Inverted Router !

Lee Berryman, owner
Daytona Dash



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