We have been using C.R. Onsrud Inverted Routers to manufacture the wooden rims for our clocks since 1985.

When we bought our first C.N.C. router we thought we would be putting our Onsruds up for sale. I'm sure glad we didn't!

Even though our C.N.C. does a great job on our larger and our more complicated clocks, WE STILL FIND THAT WE RUN 80% OF OUR PRODUCTION ON OUR ONSRUD INVERTED ROUTERS.

Our three Inverted Routers are much faster than the C.N.C.s for cutting out the "doughnut" of the clock face (as we call it), and then shaping the profiled edge on a second spindle in a "work cell".

The best we could get from the C.N.C was 1000 pieces per day.
On a single Onsrud Inverted Router we can get from 1200 - 1400 pieces per day!

Don't get me wrong. The C.N.C. is a big help with the larger parts that require the talents of C.N.C., but most of our work just isn't that complicated.

For the simple jobs the Onsrud Inverted Router is just plain faster!

Mike Williamson
Time Products Division



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