MobiPrize Machined on C.R. Onsrud 5-Axis


FABLab director Wes McGee

"The team at Scarlett was very helpful in the configuration and planning of our most recent purchase of a CR Onsrud 5 axis router. This machine tool has allowed us to build on the capabilities of our two other Onsrud 3 axis machines. We have used the 5 axis for everything from complex hardwood furniture components, to large composite molds out of tooling board utilizing all 36" of Z travel. Recently we had the opportunity to fabricate the awards for the “MOBI” prize. By our standards this was a complex part requiring some unique machining strategies to be successful. We also took it as an opportunity to really explore the machine's capabilities in aluminum machining. The OSAI control used by Onsrud allows the programmer to balance high speed roughing performance with fine finishing control, which is really evident in a part that requires an “as machined” finish. The client was very impressed with the results."



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